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ABC Kids was a Saturday-only block (except for a few times when some episodes aired on a Sunday for E/I recovery reasons). So, there were no theme weeks.

All of these dates had only thematic scheduling. (Though, “Soccer Day” had a “PGA Tour Fore Kids” special.)

There were no other theme days after 2006.

12/06/03 – First Annual Snow Day
10/30/04 – Haunted House Party
12/25/04 – Second Annual Snow Day
08/20/05 – Soccer Day
10/29/05 – Haunted House Party
12/24/05 – Jolly Holiday Bash
02/11/06 – Crush or Be Crushed Marathon
04/01/06 – The Joke’s on Us Marathon
10/28/06 – Haunted House Party
12/23/06 – Jolly Holiday Bash


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