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09/07/91 Bad Seed
09/14/91 Real Men Aren’t Made of Quiche
09/21/91 Back to the Fuchsia
09/28/91 Unfair Science
10/05/91 Stage Blight
10/12/91 I Loathe a Parade
10/19/91? Air Junior
10/26/91 Untitled Halloween Story
11/02/91 It’s a Wonderful Leaf
11/09/91 Tooth or Consequences
11/16/91 Walk Like a Nerd
11/23/91? Pulp Fiction
11/30/91? Married to the Mush


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If you’ve never heard of this show, this was a Warner Bros. cartoon about that Warner Bros. crazy, spinning Tazmanian Devil named Taz.

The first episode of “Taz-Mania” aired on FOX primetime on September 1, 1991 as a special airing. The premiere on Saturday mornings was six days later on September 7th. The series was developed by Art Vitello.

65 episodes were produced in one production cycle, but the premieres were stretched out over a few years. This was planned from the beginning as part of the original contract, however.

One segment, ‘Not a Shadow of a Doubt’, was first shown in a VHS (the one titled “Taz-Maniac”) released in July 1993. This was more than a year before it aired on TV.

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