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Here is another list of segments for this show. This one is incomplete. Some typos here were fixed, but most factual (as it relates to the actual shows) and grammar errors were not.

Spooking Bee
The ghost school is holding its annual Spooking Bee to determine the ghost kid with the best scare. This year Ms. Banshee, the ghost schoolteacher, has invited Dr. Albert Frankenstein, renowned “Spookologist”, to be the judge. Casper and Spooky are the main competitors, but the real winner of the contest is a surprise!

The Flew
The Ghostly Trio has caught a nasty twenty-four minute ghost “flew” and they haven’t felt this bad since they were alive! Kat and the Doc catch a sneezeful of the ghost germs, and when fleshies get the twenty-four minute flew, they think they’re ghosts!

Little ghost dog Pal follows Casper home one day, but the Ghostly Trio has a strict rule: no dogs allowed! Casper tries to keep Pal a secret but the ghost pup is just too rambunctious. When the Uncles discover the new pet, Casper gets a whole new “leash” on life!

Is So Too
Vic, Kat’s classmate from Whipstaff Junior High, really wants to study with Kat in the library. Casper tells her that Vic is interested in more than just the report they have to write for their science class. Kat doesn’t believe him, and becomes annoyed at Casper’s repeated attempts to interfere with their studies. Of course in the end Casper was right all along. Kat was just blinded by science.

Legend of Duh Bigfoot
Doc Harvey takes the Ghostly Trio out into the woods for a male-bonding, “Iron John” weekend. Soon they realize that there is something lurking in these woods. They are convinced it is the mythical Bigfoot, but when the mysterious creature finally reveals his true identity, it is a real surprise.

Invasion of the UGFO’s
Casper, the Harveys, and the Ghostly Trio are playing Frisbee one day when a strange ship descends from the sky. As it turns out, the spaceship is full of ghost aliens. They are trying to find a planet that is afraid of ghosts so their mother ship can take it over, and the ghost alien leaders can retire and get their frequent flier miles. It’s up to Casper to scare them away and save the Earth!

Rocket Booster
Casper meets Reggie Jackson in Florida in 1970 and gets him to autograph a baseball. But Reggie bats the ball out of the Spring training park and into the cabin of Apollo 13, at nearby Cape Kennedy. Casper isn’t about to let that ball get away from him, so he stows away aboard the ship. When things go wrong with the mission, Casper has to find a way to help the three astronauts get home without scaring the space suits off them!

The Day of the Living Casper
Casper decides that fleshies have all the fun, and wants to be one. He covers himself in talcum powder and clothes and goes into Friendship, Maine to “join the living”. He has a day of adventures out in the world of the living, but in the end he realizes it’s better just to be yourself.

3 Boos and a Babe
The Ghostly Trio is on a mission to win the charms of the ghost schoolteacher, Ms. Banshee. Each one tries in his own way to win her affection, but all of their ecto-romantic efforts are for naught when the real apple of Ms. Banshee’s eye shows up.

Elusive Exclusive
Perry Piscatory, that notorious TV tabloid reporter, arrives at Whipstaff with his sluggish cameraman, Ron. Perry is doing a live broadcast from the mansion, and is determined to capture the ghosts on tape. There’s only one thing Perry doesn’t know: ghosts can’t be videotaped. This gives Casper and the Trio the chance to really put Perry through the paces!

Paranormal Press
When Kat is caught passing notes for Amber in class, her punishment is to write for the unpopular school newspaper. With Casper’s help behind the scenes, Kat makes headlines printing the juiciest secrets of her classmates. But what will happen to Kat’s newfound popularity when her ghostwriter quits?

The ghosts of Whipstaff are audited by J. Edgar Boover of the Eternal Revenue Service, and they have just until midnight to fill the mansion with ghosts so they can verify their dead-ductions! Casper flies all over the place trying to find some “volunteers”, until he finds a group of ghost hippies who fill Whipstaff with love and music. It’s the Undead Summer of Love!

Poil Jammed
Spooky says Poil is just too sweet to accompany him at the Corpse Cotillion where he intends to impress the VIP’s in attendance. The winner gets a gig as the first ghost to haunt the famous Dump Towers. With some pointers from Casper, Poil is determined to show Spooky just who is the ghastliest ghoul.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words
Casper and Kat are rummaging one day in the attics of Whipstaff and come across an extraordinary painting. The painting is haunted by Omar, the ultimate busybody, and before you know it his ectoplasmic gums start flapping. He gives everyone his two cents about EVERYTHING! It’s enough to wake the dead, and the gang has to find a way to get some peace.

Spooks, Lies & Videotapes
When Kat wins a trophy for her artistic ability Casper’s competitive side emerges, prompting him to enter a TV home video contest. But how will this promising new director get his stars, the Ghostly Trio, to cooperate?

The Ghostly Trio finds out that their beloved and formidable Ghostfather is coming for a midnight visit. The Trio realizes that if their Ghostfather arrives and sees that they can’t scare the fleshies out of their house, it could be curtains! But the Harveys just aren’t afraid of ghosts, so the Trio resorts to more drastic measures…

Rebel without a Date
A beautiful foreign exchange student joins the ghost school and every boy ghost vies to accompany her to a dance. When love-struck Casper is deemed too “wimpy” to escort the French femme fatale, he transforms into a teen heartthrob with some help from the ghost of James Dean.

Don’t Bank on It
When greedy new management takes over Friendship’s city bank, Whipstaff Manor is in jeopardy of foreclosure. Casper and the Ghostly Trio decide that the miserly and cruel Mr. Pennypincher is in need of a good scare…right out of town!

Casper vs. the Ultimate Fan Boy
Casper drags Kat to a comic book convention and has the time of his afterlife fitting in as just another costumed kid. When the convention’s director recognizes the friendly ghost, he captures Casper as the ultimate addition to his priceless collection. Now it’s up to Kat to rescue her poltergeist pal.

Field of Screams
Kat and her team are worried about winning one of their biggest softball games ever. Casper creates a stadium in the backyard to help Kat batter up. It becomes a diamond in the rough when the Trio and other sporting ghosts slide in with their advice. And this “Bad News Scares” team is ready to play ball in the unworldly series!

Grim and Bare It
When the Grim Reaper comes for Doc Harvey, it’s up to Kat, Casper and the Ghostly Trio to distract him from his appointment. How long can they keep this scary specter away from his date with destiny?

Fatso of the Opera
Inspired by watching ghost opera star Enshrieko Caruso on TV one day, Fatso signs up for singing lessons. Little does he know that his instructor, the full-of-malice Aria Callous is using Fatso’s body as an instrument for Enshrieko’s stolen voice. Now it’s up to Casper, Stinkie, and Stretch to convince Fatso that this show must not go on!

Dead of the Class
Stretch is humiliated when he doesn’t get invited to his high ghoul reunion and insists that his invitation must have been lost in the mail, until Doc Harvey gets the truth–Stretch didn’t graduate!

Everyone (and every THING!) at Whipstaff Manor is literally disappearing!! It’s up to Casper to transverse dimensions and find out what’s going on before he fades away, too!

Losing Face
Doc Harvey tells his arch rival from college that he’s cured the Ghostly Trio–and now the obnoxious nemesis wants to see for himself! Can the Doc get the Trio to stop scaring long enough to convince his conniving competitor he’s cured them?

Galloping Ghost
It’s the annual Phantom Pet Show and Spooky is sure to claim first prize. Casper doesn’t have a chance until he meets Nightmare, the most mischievous and beautiful ghost horse in the universe! It’s pet love at first sight and Casper brags about reining in the blue ribbon. But when Nightmare protests that she’s not for show, can Casper still compete in the mane event?

Aunt Misbehavin’
When Ms. Banshee delivers homework to the homebound Casper, she not only finds a clean house, but he’s playing “fleshie games” with Kat and Dr. Harvey while his Uncles are away on a trip. She notifies Ghost Child Protective Services, who decide the Uncles and the “fleshies” at Whipstaff Manor provide a poor parental environment. Casper is taken away to be placed in a foster ghost home! The Uncles, who are forced to admit they really like having the bulbhead around, scheme to get Casper back by morphing into Casper’s “long lost” aunts and adopting him.

Split Personalities
As bad as Kat’s school picture is, it still makes Casper wish he could see what he looks like. (Ghosts don’t reflect in mirrors.) In his Dad’s science lab, Casper concocts a “Replicator” machine designed to reproduce his image. Instead, it splits Casper into two parts: a wacky, sarcastic, smart-alec, who annoys everyone he meets; and a Casper who’s so sweet he makes your teeth hurt. It’s up to Kat and a befuddled Ghostly Trio to put the two Caspers together again.

Something to Stink About
It’s the eve of the annual Spookathon and The Ghostly Trio is in training. But a freak accident puts a wrench in Stinkie’s stench and causes his sour scents to do a switcha-boo with Casper! Much to his halitosis horror, it is up to the fetidly fragrant friendly ghost to use foul play to win one for the sniffer!

Pulp Friction
Casper is sick and tired of the same old Casper shows and demands edgier scripts! He gets more than he bargains for when Hollywood hipster, Terry Quinterino, takes the director’s chair.

No one is more surprised than Casper when he lands the lead in the school play. Ms. Banshee is impressed with how he brings a new dimension to the role of Ezra Headstone, the first phantasm to haunt the Pilgrims. But Casper’s chance for spectral stardom fades when he suddenly gets a bad case of stage fright. Now the premiere performance is about to begin, and who’s in the audience eager to watch Casper’s every move but the frightful Ezra Headstone himself – in the ecto!

Doc’s Depression
Doc Harvey finally admits defeat and gives up trying to cure the Trio of their relentless mischief. Abandoning parapsychology (and the Ghostly Trio), the Doc is forced to find another job. But Spacy’s department store is fraught with just as much disaster as Whipstaff Manor–and for good reason!

Boo to the Future
A time machine mistakenly sends Kat, Dr. Harvey, and the Trio back over one hundred years to the past. While Doc loves being a spirited spirit, the uncles hate being their former fleshy selves. They’re desperate to get back to the future, but Doc Harvey has other plans!

All That Falderal
The Trio, furious to hear that the world’s scariest ghosts are in England, challenge the English ghosts to a “Scare-Off.” Now it’s a “battle of the boos” as the Ghostly trio tries to win back the title. But first, they’re going to have to get rid of their no-scare nephew, Casper…only he’s not going anywhere!

Spooky and Poil Meet the Monsters
Spooky answers a haunt ad to be the ghastliest ghost at a creepy castle. But he gets more than he bargained for when the monstrous residents, Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Mummy end up spooking Spooky!

The Trick’s a Treat
When snobby Amber won’t invite Kat to her Halloween party, Casper retaliates by inviting the whole school to Kat’s house for an even better party, featuring real live…er dead ghosts. But Casper’s forgotten one thing – per the Spookster’s Union ghosts are NOT ALLOWED to scare on Halloween (too many amateurs). Now it’s up to Kat to petrify her party goers.

Frightening Storm
The Trio get in a particularly wild argument and out-and-out fight. Honing in on the angry ghostly energy, the ever expanding Mood Monster, a dark cloud who feeds off of bad moods, appears. The more the Trio fights, the bigger the Mood Monster gets until he explodes in a burst of lightning and releases a torrid storm. Casper realizes that the only way to get rid of the Mood Monster is to be nice to each other–which proves rather difficult, if not impossible, for the Ghostly Trio.

The Legend of Whitebeard
Ahoy, mate! Captain Whitebeard, the biggest, bullying buccaneer ever to haunt the seven seas is about to come ashore. All of Friendship is in a panic and even the Ghostly Trio flees for their afterlives. Casper bravely decides to walk er, float the plank and discovers there’s more to this pirate than meets the eye patch.

Three Ghosts and a Baby
While searching Casper’s subconscious for childhood trauma, Dr. Harvey inadvertently regresses him back to infancy. Casper not only thinks he’s a baby, he becomes a baby ghost throwing more tantrums than Stretch, demanding more food than Fatso, and producing diapers so toxic even Stinkie can’t stand them, while the Doc frantically searches for a way to restore him.

Leave It to Casper
Casper and the Ghostly Trio narrowly escape capture by an infamous Ghost hunter as they are put into a Spook Protection program. Moved to a middle-class home in the suburbs where they are disguised as a “normal” human family, the Trio and Casper naturally have trouble “fitting in.”

Luck of the Spookish
Casper is taken in by the sob story of a mischievous leprechaun who tries to take over Whipstaff Manor.

Daycare Nightmare
Spooky promises Casper he’ll help him with his mid-term assignment; scaring toddlers at the local day care center. But Spooky’s ulterior motive is to collect on the favor by making Casper his personal slave without ever completing the assignment. When Casper finds out, he decides to show Spooky a lesson.

Scream Card
The Trio is arrested by an agent from the Interdimensional and Unnaturalization Service for not having their Scream Cards. Since they don’t have any unfinished business to take care of on Earth, they must “cross over” to the other side and become, of all things, angels!

Lady Screams the Boos
The Trio is surprised to discover Miss Banshee is moonlighting as a “boos” singer at a local ghost nightclub, The House of Boos. She is so good the owner offers her a full-time contract, which means she has to give up teaching. The Trio is thrilled as they have visions of singing back-up for her. But the students at the Haunted School House are so upset they conspire to get her back. They turn to Casper for help and become unscary failures like him making Miss Banshee realize how much she’s needed.

A Christmas Peril
The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future are tired of scaring a Scrooge every Christmas Eve, so they quit and spend the holidays at Whipstaff Manor instead. The Trio, always hankering to haunt, jumps at the chance to turn Christmas cheer into jolly jeers. With stinky smells and jingle bells they take over this year’s assignment, terrorizing a toy maker into changing his greedy ways.

Fright Before Christmas
Santa arrives at Whipstaff on Christmas Eve to deliver presents, but he runs into the Ghostly Trio, who sees Santa as just another fleshie to be spookified! It’s up to Casper and Kat to save Santa from those three mischievous ghosts!

A Midsummer Night’s Scream
Miss Banshee needs a place to stay for the weekend because her home is being sprayed with bugs, so Casper volunteers to let her stay at Whipstaff. The Trio is overjoyed, but having Miss Banshee under the same roof turns out to be more like military school than a love-in!

Auntie Maimed
When the Ghostly Trio takes a trip out west to Ghost Town, Casper stays home. And who comes to watch over him but his crazy Auntie Maimed. She’s the cause of weird things that happen to fleshies: locking their keys in the car, not finding the second sock, forgetting where they parked. Auntie Maimed is an out of control, practical joking, lovable loon! By the time she leaves, Casper’s not sure who watched who.

The Ghostly Trio must attend the otherworld’s premiere social event, the annual Scarity Ball. Trouble is, they need suitable escorts. All the lady ghosts they know seem, well, uninspiring. They turn to a spectral dating service that matches them up with the Medusa Sisters–three stone statues that come to life once every 500 years. Together with the Trio, these gargantuan gals manage to squeeze a millennium’s worth of mischief into one magnificent night!

Boosom Buddies
Stretch reaches the end of his rope with his buffoon brothers and disbands the Ghostly Trio. But it’s lonely without his “boosom” buddies so Stretch turns to Casper to fill the void. But Casper’s time is already being taken by Stinkie and Fatso! Now it’s an all out battle between the bros to see who can make Casper his new best friend… and Casper’s the one who’s losing!

What Goes Around
This is the “What Goes Around Comes Around” story where Spooky humiliates Casper at school but gets his comeuppance when Casper, Nightmare, and Poil spook him out of his own house!

Scavenger Haunt
The Ghostly Trio teams up for a scavenger hunt to win (and share) the big prize: an evening with Ms. Banshee, the ghoul of their dreams. Tick tock, an hour on the clock is all they have to fill the list, which is plenty of time for these princes of pranks – except for one problem – they’re not allowed to scare!

Kat’s Shakespeare anthology is missing and all the fingers point to…who? In the guise of famous past detectives, Casper uncovers the clues to reveal the surprisingly guilty party.

All About “C”
Ms. Banshee is beaming when her little sister Miss C substitutes at the ghost school. Little does she know that her sinister sis is plotting to take over much more than Ms. B’s classroom…

Hat Sick
Spooky loses his beloved bowler in a friendly bet and with it, his confidence! Can Spooky regain his scare-ability before he’s humiliated at the school’s big Tandem Terror Competition?

The Boo-Muda Triangle
It’s off to the Caribbean when Doc Harvey and Kat win a vacation cruise! True to Casper’s fears, trouble is afloat when the ship sails through the dangerous Bermuda Triangle. Soon, all three are captured by Boo Marley, head hauntaholic of the Triangle. It’s up to Ms. Banshee and the Ghostly Trio to rescue them from this reigning Rastafarian.

Intensive Scare
Stretch thinks Ms. Banshee dislikes his nose, so he heads to a haunting hospital for rhinoplasty. But the silly surgeons rearrange more than just his schnoz! Can Casper and Ms. Banshee keep Stretch from making the biggest facial fault of his afterlife?

Controversial perfume peddler Calvin Kleinstein decides that Stinkie’s stench will make the perfect anti-fragrance. At first, Stinkie is thrilled by his chance to putrefy the public but soon is fuming over the assembly line treatment of his renowned rankness. Can the Trio uncover Calvin’s dark secret and make “scents” of everything before it’s too late?

The Phantom of the Oprah
Doc Harvey’s incredible success as a ghost therapist lands him his own talk show on Ghost TV. The Doc is a star and Casper becomes his increasingly pretentious personal assistant. The Doc is so big he has no time for the Trio anymore. In fact, his own daughter can’t even get in to see him. Will the Trio be able to bring the Doc back down to earth before Kat has to seek therapy?

The Crying Game
The Trio must impress the chairwoman of the board from the Stale Air Country Club before they’ll be invited to become members. But she can’t meet with them unless she finds a sitter for her baby Irene. Casper is drafted with orders to keep Irene from crying at all costs. One whimper and the Trio is boo-ted out of club status. Casper has to keep this teary-eyed toddler cooing or suffer the baby blues.

Free Goldie
Kat wins a goldfish at a carnival. The Trio tries to scare the cute little fish but doesn’t succeed because she’s too morose to care and misses her Mommy. In a rare moment of empathy, the Trio decides to return Goldie to her Mom, but they don’t know how. Kat and Casper suspect something fishy is going on and take off in pursuit.

Birthday Boos
Dr. Harvey’s turning forty and the Trio makes him feel awful about it. He goes in for a complete makeover to find a new, youthful self. The trouble is, everyone at Whipstaff misses the old Dr. Harvey, especially Kat. She tries to convince her Dad that it’s better to be who he is instead of what others think he should be.

The Trio has a bet with Kat over who can get employed first and end up as exterminators at a concert hall. Their attempts to rid the hall of rodents during a Leonard Steenburn concert lead to raucous ruin.

Great Ghouly Governess
Casper is sick of doing chores all the time so he hires Scary Ploppins to be a governess. She breaks into song at the drop of a downbeat and soon has the Trio, Dr. Harvey and Kat eating out of her hand. Whlpstaff is running better than ever, but now Casper is bored to tears! Casper plots to get rid of Scary “in a most disgusting way.”

Aboove the Law
Sick of their bullying, Casper hires famed ghost lawyer Sue Happy to get him a divorce from the Trio. The Trio chooses to defend themselves. Will the netherworld’s legal system ever be the same?

When they run out of the pirate’s treasure they’ve always used to buy food, the Trio telecasts a Haunt-A-Thon for Ghost TV. They sing, they dance, they tell jokes, they enlist the help of their friends and still nobody cares. Can the Trio find a way to win over their audience and revive their stash of cash?

This Old Manor
Bob Boo-Genveela, from Ghost TV’s “This Old Manor” gives Whipstaff a makeover in grotesque suburban seventies style. The Trio protests the new look, but Bob refuses to change it, so they decide to do their own home improvement- at Bob’s house.

The Trio is spirited away to a lab where a bitter ghost impressionist drains away all their ghostly energy. He is using their energy to create a monster ghost to destroy Las Vegas. It will be his revenge for never being asked to play there while he was alive. Can Casper help his uncles escape and save Las Vegas? Or will it soon be a deserted desert ghost town?

Gingersnap Out of It
While in therapy with Dr. Harvey, a wily witch cons him into letting her spend the night at Whipstaff Manor. Little does the Doc know, she’s the same witch who tried to feast on Hansel and Gretel and now plans to make a cookie out of Kat!

Ghostly Locks and the Three Scares
The classic bedtime story as Casper knows it does not meet little Irene’s approval. Irene’s own version turns this famous fable into a noxious nightmare.

Ms. Banshee is smitten with Boo-regard Delooney, an upper crusty southern gentle-ghost who is the reigning champion of her favorite game show. The Ghostly Trio thinks they have all the answers to win her favor instead and go buzzer to buzzer with Boo-regard.

Kat needs to learn “Macbeth” by the next morning for school. Enter the Trio who get their acting in gear with the help of an old ghost – Shakespeare.

[This one had its title (and “awards name”) changed before it aired. The original title? “The Phlegmies”.]
The Scummies
It’s a star-studded night when The Trio present the Phlegmie, the ghost version of an Emmy, for best TV theme song. Past recipients include: “The Beverly Heebiejeebies,” “Skeezix the Bat,” and “Mr. Dead.” Who will it be this year?

Three-Ring Whipstaff
Under opposition from The Trio, Casper takes Bozoo, the hyper-clown boy under his wing and he moves into Whipstaff. Casper wants Bozoo to entertain his uncles so he can take a break. The obnoxious clown turns the household into a three-ring circus!

The Son Also Rises
Dr. Harvey’s father, a hard-nosed, by-the-book Marine Corp General, comes to visit and proceeds to whip The Trio into shape.

The Trio sends Casper to Italy to get spaghetti, and pronto! At the famous DiNoto’s Italian restaurant, Casper meets James Boo, the world’s foremost Ghostspy, and gets caught up in a world of ghouly gadgets and ecto-espionage.

Mom Always Liked Ghouls Best
Dr. Harvey dreads a visit from his overbearing mother, Mom Harvey. The Trio take advantage of Mom’s need to be needed until her good intentions turn into maternal mayhem!

Bury Maguire
Bury Maguire, the ghost agent extraordinaire, thinks Casper has what it takes for stardom. Bury gets Casper a gig on “9-0-Boo-1-0” and soon he’s every girl’s dream. Meanwhile, The Trio is acting up without anyone to wait on them anymore and plots to get him back. Will it be curtains for Casper’s career?

Four Funerals and a Wedding
The Trio can’t believe they just received an invitation to Ms. Banshee and Gone Juan’s wedding! They set out to break up the deliciously malicious match and destroy their mortifying marriage.

Family Reunion
Dr. Harvey convinces the Trio to attend the dreaded McFadden family reunion. The Trio hates going because they get no respect. But this year, Stretch has a plan. This year, things will be different. Or will they?

Horrid Copy
When the Trio makes a guest appearance on TV’s “Ghost of the Week,” they accidentally save hundreds of fleshie lives and become heroes not to be feared. And guess what? The Trio kind of likes it.

Caspeer Pressure
Giving in to peer pressure from Spooky and Poil, Casper tries his hand at scaring. He gets so caught up in it that he becomes a menace to society!

That Thing You Boo
Back in the early 60’s in Liverpool, the Ghostly Trio go gaga over the mini-skirted Miss Banshee. When they attempt to write her the perfect love song, a group of local rock n’ rollers steal their act. In revenge, the Trio haunt their next performance, but the audience’s screams of fear are mistaken for squeals of hysteria and Fab Four mania is born.

A Good Walk Poiled
Spooky declares that he and his Dad are going to beat Casper and the Trio at the school’s annual Student-Parent Golf Tournament. Fore!

The cast of “Casper” is called on the carpet of the Network when a new show takes first place in the ratings, and the cast seems to resemble our group of ghosts a little too closely.

The Boo-Bloods of Whipstaff
The Trio get monarch madness when they discover they are direct descendants of King Cornelius the Pretentious, a regal British ghost. With Doc Harvey’s help, can they pass the evening’s events with the proper ghost etiquette, or will Casper ruin their rein of royalty?

Ghost Jam
Yucko, Mucko, and Spot, three zany toons from another network, try to take over the Casper show’s time slot to increase their ratings and boost product sales. A basketball tournament decides the fate of the show. Will Casper and his pals create enough hoop-la to save the day? Or will The Cartoonatiks and their secret weapon take center court?

Dr. Harvey and Mr. Gruesome
When the Ghostly Trio turns Dr. Harvey’s latest cure for chronic scaring against him, he transforms into a fearsome monster. That’s fine with the Trio, until they discover fleshies are more afraid of monsters than ghosts!

Politically Co-Wrecked Casper
Jennie Priceless, a production executive, decides Casper’s show needs to be less mindless. After much flattery, Jennie convinces the Ghostly Trio to make the show, oh no, more educational!

Pen and Tell Her
When Fatso’s pretentious Italian pen pal decides to visit, Fatso convinces Stinkie and Stretch to play his servants while he pretends to be Lord of Whipstaff. But as Fatso soon finds out, there’s more to his grandiose ghoulfriend than meets the eye.

Artistic ? That’s a Stretch!
During a nightly scare raid, the Ghostly Trio runs across a gathering of the Deceased Artists Society. The artists are so intrigued by Stretch’s horrible sense of humor that…they want him to join the organization! There’s just one problem – where does that leave the rest of the Trio?


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